Praise for The Decision Maker

“Smart organizations are beginning to recognize that the secret to engagement is to provide employees ample autonomy, the opportunity to make progress, and a sense of purpose. Dennis Bakke brings these principles to life in a modern business fable with ample lessons for building successful organizations from the ground up.”

“The work’s engaging style is sure to inspire and captivate leaders and managers who wish to transform not only their businesses but also their employees’ lives.”

“There are many things to like about Dennis Bakke’s latest book, The Decision Maker. It is insightful, it is well-written, it is a breeze of fresh air in the management literature. Bakke’s principles are simple—share the power, and let people have fun making decisions—but like it is often the case, these simple principles can have a groundbreaking impact. Read The Decision Maker and change your outdated conceptions of what management ought to be.”

“Companies are fond of saying their greatest asset is their people, yet few companies operate as if this is the case. In this engaging story, Bakke shows us how to unlock the latent potential that exists in any organization.”

“Imagine an organization where bosses don’t make decisions. Sounds crazy, right? Read The Decision Maker and you’ll be surprised and inspired to try it for yourself. It’s a must-read/must-try for everyone — leaders, managers, and individual contributors in any organization. It just might be the solution that reconciles generational and attitudinal gaps in the workplace today.”

Praise for Joy at Work

“A timely and inspiring book that challenges us to rethink the purpose of business in society. It is all the more important because Dennis Bakke’s personal life mirrors the principles he advocates.”

“Joy at Work is a remarkable book about a remarkable company told by a remarkable man. For almost 20 years, AES defied most conventional management wisdom as it built a culture in which people were treated as adults, leaders were truly servant leaders, and fun was a core value that became actualized in the day-to-day lives of AES people, not something just hung on the wall to be talked about. The lessons of this journey are captured by Dennis Bakke in a brilliantly written, frank, and honest account of the ups and the downs. In a world in which fear often seems to have replaced fun; the search for profits has replaced the pursuit of purpose; conformity and following the crowd have replaced the courage to do the right thing and live by principles; and widespread corruption has replaced the conviction of ideals, this book offers both the recipe for a better way of organizing and being in an organization and the inspiration to try. Never has a book such as this been more needed, more important, or more welcome.”

“A must-read book for anyone who wants to make work fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding.”

“Joy at Work is simply the best book I have ever read about integrating human values and economic success. Bakke has changed the nature of the game of business forever. The book is an answer to our cynicism and materialism and to the loss of faith in our leaders. It is required reading for all who are in a leadership position, are studying leadership, or know someone who is doing either.”

“Joy at Work is a major breakthrough in corporate decision-making, which is buttressed by actual practice. It is right in principle, persuasively argued, and reader-friendly, as well as pioneering in its potential to revolutionize the cultures of corporations and most other organizations in society.”

“All leaders and aspiring leaders should read this provocative book.”