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Praise for The Decision Maker

Since The Decision Maker was released in March, glowing reviews have come pouring in from all sorts of critics and bloggers. See for yourself what others have been saying about The Decision Maker: -At the New York Journal of Books, Ekaterina Walter writes: “As Dennis Bakke says, ‘No matter where you stand in your organization, change can start with you.’… Read more »

The Dennis Bakke Interview Roundup

Since the release of The Decision Maker in March, lots of people have been talking to Dennis Bakke to glean his wisdom about the transformative art of the decision-making process. Check out some of the conversations Dennis has been having: -Financial guru Dave Ramsey talks with Dennis Bakke on Ramsey’s EntreLeadership podcast in an episode titled “Making… Read more »

Level 5 Leadership and The Decision Maker Approach

Business analyst Jim Collins has written extensively about what average companies have done to transform themselves into exceptional performers and trendsetters. An essential ingredient for a good-to-great company, as Collins wrote in the Harvard Business Review, is the presence of a Level 5 leader. In Collins’ words, a Level 5 leader is: The most powerfully transformative… Read more »