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J.W. Marriott Jr. is Halfway There

When hotel magnate J.W. Marriott Jr. was recently interviewed by the New York Times, it struck me that, throughout his career, Marriott has been implementing a method of leadership that is very similar to the Decision Maker Approach. Marriott describes how he learned the power of asking others for advice as a young adult during… Read more »

Limit the Decisions You Make as a Leader

My hardest job as a CEO: Not making decisions. Yes, you read that right. My goal as an executive is to make only one significant decision a year. But isn’t that what a leader is supposed to do? Take the heat, call the shots, and have the final say? That’s the conventional wisdom on leadership. But it’s also the main reason… Read more »

A Convincing Argument For The Hands-Off Boss

Nothing tells you more about an organization than the way it makes decisions. Do leaders trust team members? Do the people closest to the action get to make the call? Do team members have real responsibility and real control? All of these questions can be answered by one other one: who gets to make the… Read more »

The Principles of a Decision-Maker Organization

A mission statement that challenges people to create the world’s most fun place to work is essential for organizations that want their employees to have one of the most gratifying experiences in their lives. This end requires no other justification. However, for executives who can’t get the dollar signs out of their eyes, it’s worth… Read more »

Why Leaders Need to Stop Making the Decisions

I believe the vast majority of people are creative, trustworthy, and capable of making meaningful decisions at work. My new book, The Decision Maker, is a clarion call for bosses to STOP making decisions. Instead of bosses making the call, I believe the best approach is to push decision-making down to the lowest levels of… Read more »

The Decision Maker approach in action

Business leaders are recognizing the need to change their traditional leadership paradigms and re-think how and who makes decisions in their organization.  General Stanley McChrystal, who ran Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq and Afghanistan, talks about how he had to change his thinking about decision making to effectively lead. “We grew up in the… Read more »