The Dennis Bakke Interview Roundup

Since the release of The Decision Maker in March, lots of people have been talking to Dennis Bakke to glean his wisdom about the transformative art of the decision-making process.

Check out some of the conversations Dennis has been having:

-Financial guru Dave Ramsey talks with Dennis Bakke on Ramsey’s EntreLeadership podcast in an episode titled “Making the Call with Dennis Bakke.” Listen to the mp3 here or get the free iTunes download here.

-Ben Lichtenwalner of Modern Servant Leader sits down for a video interview with Dennis.

-Dennis talks with the Washington Post about how new methods of decision-making could improve work in the federal government.

-Listen to Dennis’ interview with Bill Martinez on Bill Martinez Live.

-Read Dennis’ interview with Kevin Owyang at the Upstart Business Journal.

Have the methods of The Decision Maker changed the working environment in your company? You can always start a discussion at the Decision Maker Facebook page.

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