Praise for The Decision Maker

Since The Decision Maker was released in March, glowing reviews have come pouring in from all sorts of critics and bloggers. See for yourself what others have been saying about The Decision Maker:

-At the New York Journal of BooksEkaterina Walter writes: “As Dennis Bakke says, ‘No matter where you stand in your organization, change can start with you.’ Pick up the book, soak in the advice, and be the first to drive that change within your organization!”

-Atsuko Tamura, president and CEO of evo, says: “It’s a must-read/must-try for everyone–leaders, managers, and individual contributors in every organization. It just might be the solution that reconciles generational and attitudinal gaps in the workplace today.

-Barry Silverstein of ForeWord Reviews says that The Decision Maker “is a complete package that includes both an illustrative, realistic example and the background necessary for the reader who wants to successfully implement organizational decision-making. This is a book that is both enjoyable to read and useful for any business executive.”

-Will Lukang of the Lead Change Group writes: “For those who are interested in connecting with your employees, this is the perfect book for you to engage your employee.”

-Tim Jenkins of Point B Management Consultants says: “Companies are fond of saying their greatest asset is their people, yet few companies operate as if this is the case. In this engaging story, Bakke shows us how to unlock the latent potential that exists in any organization.”

-Publishers Weekly adds: “Knowing that the entertaining, ultimately rosy story is grounded in Bakke’s real-world experiences adds credibility to the narrative; the work’s engaging style is sure to inspire and captivate leaders and managers who wish to transform not only their business but also their employees’ lives.”

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