The Decision Maker is Coming March 2013

I am excited to announce The Decision Maker, the next book from New York Times bestselling author Dennis Bakke. This is not just another business book. The Decision Maker is a business fable, which loosely chronicles the story of Bakke’s own journey as the CEO of a Fortune 200 company where he pushed decision-making down to the people closest to the action. It’s a must-read for any leader or manager who wants everyone on the team fully engaged in their work.

The Decision Maker will officially launch in March 2013, but the trailer and introduction/first chapter below offer a preview of what we expect to be a modern business classic.

The Decision Maker – First Chapter

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  1. Jerry Herbert

    When I finished reading the pre-publication proof of The Decision Maker, I knew I’d read a revolutionary challenge to the foundations of business-as-usual. Although it is easily accessible and a quick read, it shifts the ground under the old command-and-control paradigm of leadership. It cracks opens fresh ways forward for leaders eager to embrace new game-changing ideas by sharing decision-making and developing their people. It shows how leaders can manage change and get ahead of the curve in rapidly developing markets by releasing their people’s ingenuity and passion for significance through the sharing of power and the creation of a shared vision. Here is a must-read for any entrepreneur interested in exploring new ways to lead change, anticipate opportunities, and maintain a competitive advantage. It not only provides leaders practical examples for unlocking the potential of their people. It also offers leaders a richly human way through their business enterprise to strengthen the bottom line while serving the greater good.


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